A Partner Worth Your Wealth

– UB Pankkiiriliike is an investment advice expert

We aim to grow the wealth of our clients by offering the best quality investment advice service on the market, and using our expertise to find investment solutions best suited to the unique circumstances of each client. Our aim is to offer the best client experience. Leaning on our solid experience and expertise, we choose the best possible investment solutions from the product ranges of different banks, insurance companies and fund management companies.

You will benefit, because well distributed and tailored solutions allow your investments to yield security and profit.

Our vision is for UB Pankiiriliike to be Finland’s most recommended investment service company.

Investment advice

We analyse the client’s circumstances thoroughly, and based on our analysis compare investment solutions to find the most suitable ones. We monitor and update the investment plan continuously.

Investment product brokerage service

You can purchase a wide range of investment products through us. Money transactions are made directly between the client and the investment product service provider, and the client will incur no extra costs compared to direct purchase.

Tax efficient investment solutions

We offer solutions for making more tax efficient investments and for different property adjustments.

Investment portfolio analysis and advice

We analyse the client’s current investments and provide advice on developing their investment portfolio. We help our clients for example in asset management tendering.

UB Pankkiiriliike – A Partner Worth Your Wealth
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