Make an impressive career at the top of the investment world

As a rapidly growing company we offer interesting opportunities for self-starters and bold investment professionals. Your work will include interesting but demanding challenges in different investment related tasks either with private or institutional clients.

We expect you to have knowledge and skills in the investment field and to be sales oriented. We also value in-depth knowledge of a potential client group. Tell us about yourself and your goals. Hopefully our paths will meet.

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We are happy to receive open applications. Send a cover letter and CV to We process all applications with complete confidentiality.

Are you interested in working as a self-employed tied agent?

If you have the right background and understand the realities of running your own business, we can offer the opportunity to act as a tied agent for UB Pankkiiriliike through your own company for and under the responsibility of UB Pankkiiriliike.  We expect you to have a good understanding of our demanding product portfolio, a good reputation and expertise in the investment field. Get in touch with us!

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